Day 1 | Myself?

Day 1 : Write basic things about yourself

1- I am a girl . surprise ? heh.
2- Aku anak sulung . dan semua orang tak percaya sebab I literally act like anak bongsu.
3- I am 152++ cm and currently 47kg . haih...
4- I was born on 4th December 1995 . So kalau ikut tahun I suppost to be 19 . but nahhh , I'm 18 years and 10 months plus plus . *I don't wanna get older :'( *
5- Aku seorang yang rabun . up to -325 something . So please , kalau nampak aku , tegur jangan senyum je . because I can't see a shit . Just blank faces everywhere . Ramai orang ingat aku sombong . tskkk
6- I have quite a big gap between my front teeth . But too scared to wear braces . tak pe lah . aku tengok ada je model gigi jarang . trend what ? kah kah
7- I have small dimples on both of my cheeks .
8- And yes . pipi aku tembam sebelah . sebelah tembam sebelah cengkung . kenapa ? sebab gua rare beb.
9- Orang selalu ingat aku lukis kening and pakai eye shadow everyday . but nope . got no time for that . kening aku memang tebal and my eyelid is darker than my skin tone . so bila pakai bedak dia nampak macam aku pakai purple eyeshadow kalau tak letak bedak nampak macam aku pakai brown eye shadow . but that's great kot , jimat duit beli make up . haha . (yes dalam gambar tu aku pakai eyeshadow hitam . that's all)
10- I am currently a degree student . ambil course Science (pure chemistry) in University of Malaya .
11- My hometown is Jengka Pahang . siapa sini orang Pahang , sep sikit !
12- I like pink and mint/turqoise hell a lot .
13- I laugh too much . like semua benda pun aku nak gelak . so dont worry just tell me any joke I will laugh anyway. hashtag mudah terhibur.
14- I am a listener not a teller . and I'm scared of talking in front of many people . 
15- talk a lot and eat a lot and sleep a lot.
16- Socially awkward . That's why I blog . Just me telling you a story virtually . I can share my thought with the world , without even get my butt out of the bed . teehee ~
17- Obviously not a romantic or sweet person .
18- Not really a family person but trying to be one.
19- Status ? Single (as I'm not married yet) but not available aka you know what I mean.

emmm okay that's all ! 


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