Tuesday Ramble

Assalamualaikum :)

Seriously I have no title for this entry because I just want to ramble about my life hahaha like always =..=''

So these few days , I didn't do anything much . Just enjoying my lazy life , watching youtube , drama , learn to play ukulele and stuff... I am that lifeless that I watched the whole 24 episodes of K-drama in like... 2 and a half days ? than I watched youtube and kinda get obsessed with 5SOS for the moment . But I don't like the feel of it . Like you know this is not worth it , it's stupid if I get too obsessed and watch the entire videos of 5SOS funny moment on youtube and falling for the members which I already did..... I already changed my phone wallpaper to the picture of Ashton whyyyyy I did that.... So I decided to pull my attention to other thing , take a break with youtube because all my recommended vids on my home page are about 5SOS now.. and now I'm currently watching a new K-drama (surprise surprise why I'm so lifeless *brb crying*)

oh btw , my semester 2 result was out . gulp . I did set a target to be in the dean list for this sem at first . I'm not really hoping that I would get 4.0 pointer because my sem 1 pointer was not so good . but then things get crazy . I was too busy with college projects and assignment . I took six freaking university courses that sem . And as you know , university course is all about assignment . So I was super busy . I always have stuff to edit and design , I always have  this  and that meeting almost every nights , I even have to go to the orphanage on weekends for one of my courses, I went to Melaka and Sarawak for assignments and college projects blablabla . also there were lab reports and tutorials that I need to submit every week.

Luckily my exams schedule was not that crazy . I have few days gap between each paper so I did have time to study what I've missed the whole sem . But I still don't put a high hope because I felt like all my assignments were crappy so my carry marks were not that great . But it turns out that I nailed it ! I did get my name in the dean list and increased my CGPA . and my GPA also was surprisingly so high I honestly did not expect that. Alhamdulillah . The one and only thing that drags my pointer down by 0.05 is ENGLISH LOL . Urghhhh whyyy . It's all because of my crap writing skills . So that's why I'm writing this entry in English . Because screw you grammar, vocabs and good points , I am gonna write however I want to .

Next sem I am going to take English (Speaking) . How...... just how..... I may (or may not) have some skills in writing . I can transfer everything in my head onto the paper through my fingers. But when it comes to speaking... I don't know . I just can't . Hmm , maybe I should start practicing my speaking skill with my little bro.. So if I ever said anything wrong he'll just be like "kak long cakap apa ?"

Okay I'm done rambling . Thank you kepada sesiapa yang sudi baca sampai habis . Hati lu memang kental gua cakap sama lu . atau lu memang pishang gila dah tak tahu nak buat apa tu yang baca sampai habis . Sekian .


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