10 Signs Your Crush Likes You ♥

Assalamualaikum readers :D
korang ada crush tak ? mesti ada kan ? kan ?

"kakak kakak , crush tu apa ?" \tiba-tiba ada suara budak kecik menyelit/

alahai . crush tu bila selak kamus , maksudnya... maksudnya.... jap eh nak selak kamus..

loading ~~~

ha ! maksudnya hancur . err , hancur ? ya hancur . tapi di sini , dekat husnaland ni maksud crush tu jadik lain . maklumlah lain negara , lain maksudnya . crush tu maksudnya orang yang korang minat . haa , tak kan tak ada . mesti ada kan . kan kan kan ? *angkat angkat kening double jek*

tapi kan . macam mana nak tahu sama ada crush korang tu minat kita balik ek ? hmmm . ace bace ni =D

Your crush is aware of who you are and knows a few things about you.
If you've never actually talked to your crush before, it might be really hard for him or her to like you back because they don't even know you! If you've never said more than Hello to each other its time to break the ice and get to know each other a little better!

He or She makes regular eye contact with you.
Do you notice he or she is staring at you or looks directly in your eyes when talking to you? It could be a sign your crush is thinking about you A LOT or genuinely wants to hear what you have to say.

Your crush seems nervous around you
Sometimes being around someone you like does weird things to you - you can't talk right anymore, your brain doesn't think, your heart starts pounding. If your crush seems nervous around you, it may mean he or she is starting to like you.

Your crush's friends act weird
Sometimes your crush will tell friends something and you'll start noticing friends start acting weird. A friend might say "Why Don't You Sit Next to So-and-So?" or "I'll let you two be alone" or other strange things that might give some clues that your crush told that friend he or she likes you.

Open body language
Your crush might pat you on the back or accidentally bump into you. He or she has open body language, which means arms and legs are not crossed, he or she turns towards you, or he or she might even start mirroring the same things you are doing. If however your crush is sitting with arms or legs crossed or not facing towards you while you're talking with them, it could be they're not interested.

Your crush makes extra effort to talk or be with you.
Do you notice yourself accidentally running into your crush in strange places? Does your crush stop a conversation with someone else to start one with you? Could be signs your crush likes you!

Your crush hangs out with you 
Many people start hanging out together before it's officially a "date" - maybe you go out to lunch or out some evening with friends. If you start hanging out a lot and on a regular basis, it could mean a friendship and possibly something more is developing.

Your crush calls you
Is your crush calling you with lame excuses like "Hey, what's the name of that book you were telling me about?" or "Do you know how to get past level 37 in this video game?" it's a good chance your crush is really just looking for a reason to talk to you - especially if they stay on the phone longer than it takes just to answer the question.

He or she acts differently around you then they do around others
Do you notice your crush acts differently around you than they do other girls or guys? It could mean they feel differently about you than they do others as well!

You Talk to Your Crush and He or She Says Yes
Sometimes a crush needs an extra push. While many people are afraid of rejection, rejection may be a lot less painful in the long run than constantly obsessing over your crush and if he or she likes you or not.

ada tak tersenarai tanda-tanda tu ? huhu
ini just for fun ya . #copypaste from somewhere

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