Cute Nails

Assalamualaikum :)

Sorry for abandoning this blog miahahahaha like always . It has been quite busy these 3 weeks . I have 2 labs per week , and classes from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. daily . Guess like second year is not that relaxing huh ? 

Btw, I always have been loving painting my nails . I know , some might think "eh , mana boleh warna kuku , tak sah nak ambil wuduk yada yada." Well folks , there's this thing called nail polish remover . And I only wear nail polish while I am 'uzur' . So I can keep my cute nails for the whole week ! ^_^

But these days people is more understanding about our problem , So they invent peel-able nail polish . Hell yeah ~ I know this peel off thingy dah lama ada kat pasaran . Saja je nak share sekarang . Cause obviously I am trying to not make this blog super bersawang . hahaha . 

mint and pink are my current fav colour right now . And of course I add a little bit of glitter coz I am that fabulous :P

Say hello to the cutest thumbs up ever .

So sad that I have to peel those cute nails (polish) off after only an hour cause I need to solat .

btw , for those yang pernah beli peel-off nail polish ni , berapa harga paling murah korang jumpa ? I bought the pink and glitter one for about RM6 each . and the mint one I just bought for RM4 .



  1. samlah kita pun guna BK ini. Paling murah pernah jumpe RM5 kat KWC.

    1. Seronok kan guna sebab senang nak tanggalkan .
      Owh... maknanya RM4 saya beli tu kira murah lah . boleh lah beli banyak2 pasni :D

  2. argh! gua pun teringin tp sampai sekrg tak terbeli, nak kaler dark red gitu baru rawks! :D


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