2015 Summary

Assalamualaikum :)

2015 has been hectic but so good . Walaupun aku rasa tahun ni cepat sangat berlalu tapi banyak jugak kenangan manis yang aku sempat kumpul dalam tahun ni .

I had my first ever flight experience

First time pergi rumah anak yatim.. tapi tak ada gambar pulak

I finally bought and learn to play an instrument.
still working on it thought :P

Lost a grandmother...

Got a freaking dean list . hell yeahh

finally had a family vacation after like..... 3 years ? even just a short one.

And got a pink instax camera !! YEAYYYY . I was so not expecting this . Thank you Abang Po :D

and fall in love(s?)

sorry not sorry . hahahahaha 

and of course , getting fatter and darker .
kbye ! :P


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