sometimes i feel something uneasy inside my heart
sometimes i feel like crying when i can't find you
sometimes i feel so lonely like i'm lefted alone
sometimes i feel hurt when you don't look at me
sometimes i feel like invisible when you're laughing with other girls
sometime i feel so mad when you're so busy with you activities
sometimes i acted like childish when you don't pay attention at me
sometimes i feel like sulking but it wont last long
sometimes i'm faking that i don't understand what you're talking coz i dont want us to argue 
sometimes i smile when i received a messages from even you're just saying hi
sometimes i sleep with tears when i feel so lucky to have you
sometimes i don't know why i like you
sometimes i really miss you and i hate it 
sometimes i wish we can be like the old one

and sometimes i feel so stupid for listing all this sometimes . macam tak betul je . HAHA ~XD
but the most important sometimes is sometimes i feel like your nose is so... nevermind . kehkehkeh :P

but it is never be sometimes that i love you . coz i love you all times... :)

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