LDR Tips

I saw this on twitter and thought of sharing.
True indeed. I've been in a long distance relationship kind of since I went to uni and the first year or so was really sucks. Well, I guess within that period we managed to figure out what's best and I think we handle it pretty well right now. LDR is not that hard if you both have your own life trust me. Easy peasy.

BUT. there's a but. If one is super busy and one is just doing nothing at home, waiting for the partner to contact him or her... than that'll be a problem. Here is where understanding and tolerance come to da rescue. And another one of the most important value is trust. Without this little fella, kau long distance ke, short distance ke, memang tak ke mana lah relationship tu. Anyways, orang tua tua kata kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana.

Akhir kata, good luck peeps !


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